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Old 2012-09-06, 14:21
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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
And for the record FLAM is the epitome of something NOT related to time.
Thats what flams are !!!!!! Non timed slurred rolling off beat accent!
You want scaled events on there use a delay...Tempo sync'd or Multi-tap...etc...
How is a delay even close to a flam. And my whole point was to have options. Flam with a musical setting would be cool and when tempos are adjusted it would stretch in a linear fashion to ensure proper playback. Something that is very handy when creating the preset drum pattern machines I'm designing.
Old 2012-09-06, 14:26
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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
You really think the pads on Kong are just for a trendy show?

Im not at my rig right now..
but how many quick edit functions are tied into those pads?!
Do they still seem just for show?

And dreampolice doesn't look stupid.
People complaining about routing Kong to a mixer look stupid.
Because its dead easy.... AND Kong is a MIXER already!! Lolol

((( herp de derp dee doo don't mind me)))
The Kong is a mixer? Huh, I didn't know that. Does it export individual tracks like the SSL mixer also? I didn't think so!

And the quick edit functions are terrible with very little programming available. It does the simple functions well but doesn't allow really deep programming.

And the MPC look for Kong is trendy. tTere is no need to have 16 pads on the screen. MPC's are practically obsolete and Pad controllers are usually a waste of desk space. And you don't need 16 pad GUI to use a 16 pad controller. I just think that Kong could have a better user interface experience and if they wanted a killer new drum machine they missed the mark by emulating something that was never ment to be software. They should have done what they usually do and change the game completely.
Old 2012-09-07, 07:06
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Bend & Tone controls on EVERY Redrum channel would be handy. 4 x 16 (or 8 x 16) Steps would be incredible too for programming 4 bars.
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