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Old 2012-09-07, 10:26
modular7 modular7 is offline
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ahh midi out....for so long I dreamed of it..Im a reason user since 1.0...i also dreamed of audio ..finally got that but with the dongle nightmare. hate that damn thing. hate having to plug it in to use my software. anyway...midi out is the last thing really keeping me (and oh so many that have been asking for this basic feature for years and years) from having reason as the best music software in the world. I love reason for its stability, low cpu, and hardware like design. its quick and musical. midi out would let me use it in much more creative ways. seems like such an easy thing to add. I've even hated and swore off reason many times for their stubborn refusal to add this...but I always come back...its just too awesome a program...nothing else like it really.

But...there has been no shortage (understatement!) of impasioned pleas and logical arguments as to why midi out is such a glaring and strange omission. And of course you also get the idiots who argue against midi out....but never the less...pheads will do what they do, when they do...nothing we do changes that...its a take it or leave it attitude they seem to have...i do hope they finaly add it...

however, until (if) they do..what is a work around other than rewiring to a DAW? I hate that approach. it kills the creative flow.

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