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Smile Ipad App for controlling Reason

As the title suggests,is anyone using or aware of any app that allows you to control reason devices via the Ipad,ie wirelessly,it doesn't have to be specifially for Reason just the ability to assign Midi CC data/MMC etc.

I know there are many Virtual faders and midi sending apps available for this purpose but is anyone using one specifically for controlling something like the Reason Mixer,and if so which one have you found to be the most suitable or successful,ideally it would have to have a minimum of 8 sliders available at one time or able to move in blocks/Pages of such on the Ipad screen.

What's prompted my curiosity and what I'm ideally looking for is due to my studio setup,the Mic/vocal area is the other side of the room from my Imac,I was hoping there maybe was an App that allowed virtual Transport control(MMC)of Reason,so i didn't have to press record/Play and then dash over to record my vocal(ok I can get round this by giving myself plenty of pre count in bars on the sections)and I've also used the wireless mouse too in this manner but it rather tedious trying to position the pointer whilst squinting to see the transport buttons and it would be a more comfortable solution having a virtual set of buttons on the IPad,meaning I can mount the Ipad on the mic stand and have a wireless set of transport controls in a more flexible easy to reach manner without breaking my neck on the sprint over to the mic,meaning I'm more psychologically ready and a more comfortable position to start singing too.

Also due to ergonomics of my computer/Keyboard controllor,having a set of virtual faders to control the Reason mixer channel strip would also be a bonus and more comfortable solution from the Ipad within reach of my hand,I do have a dedicated control surface,but again its more about desktop space and positioning everything within easy reach,I have a bit of real estate on my Keyboard controllor where the Ipad slots just nicely so being able to use a set of virtual faders for the Mixer would be superb

Anyone found or using a similar method or app thats suitable,any pointers would be greatly welcomed.

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This works great.
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Originally Posted by nobeahmon View Post
+1 You want RetouchDUO (RetouchReason is for R5)

Retouch is actually templates for TouchOSC. There's a free editor for TouchOSC that you can use to make your own templates as well.

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by SteveDiverse View Post
+1 You want RetouchDUO (RetouchReason is for R5)

Retouch is actually templates for TouchOSC. There's a free editor for TouchOSC that you can use to make your own templates as well.

Hi Guys

Wow!!!!!!!! absolutely perfect!!!! that far exceeded my expectations of what I was hoping to find,was not aware this retouch app existed

Serious respect to the people who created these apps,I thought the nearest I would come to it was to have to use some generic Midi app device on the Ipad and configure it myself to reasons CC numbers,but this is superb all the hard works done for you,was a little miffed at the price to begin with given its above conventional App prices.

Purchased it yesterday and after a few teething troubles getting it to work correctly(missed the part about installing the Touch Osc app)have finally got it sorted,worth every cent IMHO,works perfectly across my wifi network,so I have the freedom of a wireless remote controllor rather than being tied to one area and a USB cable

Highly reccommend this to anyone who has an Ipad and Imac what a perfect combo,this is brilliant,certainly enhances the Reason experience ten fold.

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There is also this one that i have been wanting to try but I havent had the chance to get yet. It has reason specific templates :
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ReTouch is what most Apple users use every day and night, they would recommend it
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Originally Posted by n0ahg View Post
ReTouch is what most Apple users use every day and night, they would recommend it
No problems with Windws 7 - works very well!

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Look for "rstouch" on iPad that's another one.
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There's a thread discussing Delora Software's rsTouch iPad controller for Reason here:

Visit http:/ for additional information, or contact us directly at

Douglas Kraul
Harmony Systems, Inc.
Developer of rsTouch

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