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The countdown is on...

Only a few more days to go until we launch a new segment of music history.

Join in on the fun with us.
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ok checking it out...but on first impression I don't really get it. I'll follow up more and see if I still get it.

The reason I state this is there are a lot of different 'takes' on how to approach the new music marketing. But from an Artist perspective, these schemes simply take 'the most popular existing' and create a lot of noise around it thereby making it HARDER not easier to find out about new bands.

I want to promote Adam Fielding music. Sorry Adam you popped into my head.

A fan pops in to your site and what is the first thing they are 'trained' to check for....who's the most popular 'new band' on here.

Well, the chart is already skewed by who the majority of joiners already knew about. If the previous joiners didn't know Adam's music then he never rises among the fluff and noise.

So, then it becomes a competition of who can spam some likes into generating some movement up the existing chart. And it becomes a corrupt game once the users get involved.

I'm interested if your site avoids this. I'm just not seeing the 'NEW' in it in my initial assessment of the marketing of your site.

Sorry just being honest.
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......this again......
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Originally Posted by iamzoner View Post
Only a few more days to go until we launch a new segment of music history.

Join in on the fun with us.

Bong on!!

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