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Do you layer your bass?

Just wondering if a lot of people here layer bass sounds to make them fatter, bigger, etc.
And if so any tips?
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I don't do that, it'll contaminate your mix, but it depends how you'd do that anyway!

I like to use Scream Tape & some Body by taste, also I like to use Pulveriser, much!
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it depends on what genre im making, but on bass heavy songs I personally usually layer a sine sub underneath my bass line to give it more 50hz oomph. and sometimes, If my bass is also acting as my lead, i will parallel process the fudge out of it too make it larger and more full.
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I've done single-bass tracks and tracks with layered basses. My latest has four basses layered; sub bass, sawbass, wide bass, contrast bass.
It all depends on what sound you want to achieve.

Tips, LPF/HPF and volume are your friends. Give each bass their own space and cut/EQ accordingly.
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I don't know, check my signature, do I layer my bass?
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