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Talking Oversampling Patch Bay Menu/Exporting

Ok, the suggestions have been made that Reason needs oversampling...
and I agree!!!

But to make this option work a bit easier some sort of view/window could be added that is a sort of patch bay the has icons representing each mix channel with sliders on each that can be set to - off, 4x,8x,16x and 32x. This way you can choose how much you want to oversample on each individual device without having to flip the rack, hunt down the device, flip the switch to the preffered setting, and then flip back... let's say later on you change your mind and on that synth lead you want to change it from 8x to 32x, well now you have to repeat the process all over again and as you can see this would get pretty tedious. Also an option for exporting with oversampling turned on, say you would like to use oversampling but your CPU power is "less than perfect", the option to turn on oversampling on select devices upon export would be very useful! This way you can work the way you used to but still take advantage of the increased sonic quality for the final mixdown!

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