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Old 2012-09-09, 14:27
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First of all, sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for listening and commenting.


At the moment these tracks have no existence outside this live set.
Most of them are just 16/32 bar loops that we tweak on the fly.
But we are working on standalone versions.
Although it's hard not to be tempted to make more sketches.
That's where most of my music making time is spent on, creating new material.
(witch results in countless, but no push-play material)


Indeed the sound quality is a bit off, it's been recorded a bit hot. My bad.
On top of that, the preview in the SC player has been recoded during upload.
The download however is the original uploaded file, not perfect but slightly better.

We sync our sessions manually, we agree on a tempo and roll with that.
Our machines do not run perfectly at the same speed.
But we know the difference. A little notch once a minute does the trick.
A lan/usb sync feature would be great for this.
We each have a channel on the mixer so we can pre-fader listen before unleashing the track.

We do have a starter template that we use both. (attached image)
It features a fixed amount of channels, all of them with keyboard controlled mutes etc,.
Mapped to the same keys on our keyboards, so we feel at home on both systems if needed.

It's just a basic standardized starting point to get things flowing quickly.
It consists of 3 basic groups: drums (kongs), bass and themes (synths).
These are routed to their own subgroup, and all subgroups are routed to a Master channel.
This is not set in stone, channels/sends are added as desired.
Even the template itself evolves to accommodate new techniques/devices.

I've got a Korg Kontrol49 hooked up.
Though I rarely use it for live performance, mostly for creation.
I generally navigate manually trough the rack when playing live. Old habit.
Also the mod wheels are programmed to alter the sound best suited for that part.
This is my go-to parameter since it's always in the same place for all devices.
(and one doesn't perfectly remember what knobs to turn as time/projects goes by)

My partner has a Korg Microkontrol that controls the active synth/instrument.
And a Korg Nanokontrol that is locked to the mixer.

We also have an old pioneer efx500 on the master for instant delays/filter sweeps etc.
Also HPF and LPF filters on each mixer channel.

Again sorry for the late reply. But better late then never.
I hope this will shed some light on the questions asked.

Best regards.
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