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Should I get Balance?

I need a new audio interface and I'm thinking of getting balance but it is maybe a little bit more than I really want to spend,is it worth me spending that extra bit and get it...some users honest opinions on balance would be much appreciated,thanks
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I'm a tad disappointed in the bass end to be honest. I run a pair of Event ALP 5's and a pair of DT770's and I can't run either straight out of the interface as the bass just isn't there, I have to go through the desk and add a healthy amount of bass off the output channels before I get a sound I can work with - and this is not about the sound being neutral there just is no bass - end of. My old interface was a FW410. For the ALP5's I again needed to go through the desk and add just a little bottom end (nowhere near as much as the Balance) but the headphone out on the FW410 was just fine and the DT770's sounded sweet coming straight from that interface. Mids and highs seem quite smooth and once I've added the bottom end I get a pretty decent sound so it's not all bad. Performance / Latency is very respectable and allows you to track through the device with no issues although the larger the project gets the larger the buffer size will need to become and latency obviously gets worse but that's a universal thing and latency with Balance is basically very good. I can run a fairly hefty session on an i5 laptop with no problems and I'm happy with this side of things. Bottom line for me is like this: I got a second hand Balance where the seller split the Reason Essentials off and sold that separately meaning I got the Balance for around £180 which is good as I already own Reason and don't need Essentials. If however I had bought one new and spent nearly £400 I would now feel like I could have spent my hard earned on a better interface. In short if I was going to spend that much on an interface I would add a little more and buy something else, probably an RME Babyface.

Best of luck

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hey there
Personally I think Balance is totally worth the spending price. I don't know much about the technical side of things, but in comparison to the 2009 MBox 2, it is a real step up in sound, aswell as in usability.
The design is amazing: everything is right in front of your face, and ready to use.
Another cool thing is: you can sell the Reason Essentials license, and save a little money that way.

I guess the best thing to do would be to go to a store that sells interfaces and see if you can try it for yourself.

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When you go to the store, take this and this nts with you. And ask the sales rep what other brands have that does what Balance’s Clip Safe does. If you want to record a live drum set with multiple mics, it may not be for you. Otherwise, get Balance and give away or sell the Essentials for $100. You’ll love it.

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