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Old 2012-09-11, 04:36
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Balance to be used for Line 6 Pod Farm amp model authorization.

I would love if Balance could be used for Line 6 Pod Farm amp model authorizations. I am tempted to replace my Toneport UX2 with the new Balance interface, but not if I have to keep the Toneport plugged in as a big red and black dongle!
Old 2012-09-11, 22:59
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Red face

I don't really use any of the amps in reason (as I don't play guitar) but I think that would be a smart move indeed, but you might chack that with line6 aswell. I believe mattpiper is Product specialist for line 6. He'd probably be a good address for this quest.
Old 2012-09-11, 23:13
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Yeah, the whole Line6 shebang could get a nice update
Edit: But I guess its smart to wait until they got all their "HD" stuff to the native platform properly..
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Old 2012-11-06, 19:31
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Hi Guys,

i came across this thread while trying to figure out how to use PodFarm standalone app with my new Balance audio interface. It appears that with the update of PodFarm to PodFarm 2.5, you can now use any Audio Interface with PodFarm 2.5, not just Line6 audio Interfaces(eg UX2). I just got the PodFarm 2.5 update, so I am going to try this tonight. Anyway.... I'll let you know.

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