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Old 2012-09-12, 19:44
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Every SSL Main Mixerchannel should have his own Rack!(switchable)

It would be nice for general overview, if every mixerchannel would have his own rack! If you want to edit one rack, select the channel or select it in the drop down menu.
This would be nice, because I hate it, when all my devices for one channel mixed up into one big mess!
Old 2012-09-12, 21:51
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I’m not sure I follow your description, but is using this part of your workflow; and if not, would it help? -

Old 2012-09-12, 23:37
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Funnily enough this ties into the whole freezing, delay compensation etc. discussion. If there was a rack for each channel all this would be easier as you can more easily determine if *some* wire goes out of there than if the actual signal flow does ^^
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