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A cleanup release
Completely different midi / cv connection and sequencer / rack / mixer connection. I honestly think its gotten a bit convoluted but it would require a lot of balls to change it so deeply..

To address the currently most strongly asked for features like midi-out, delay compensation et al Reason would have to be severely overhauled. So I don't know exactly if I really want this as I rather leave it to the Props to improve this software for me.. :-) But I'll list this as I think its whats required to move Reason out of the "corner" it seems to be in some minds... Adding some ideas by other users for the real-world solutions ;-)

1) One complete rack for each mixer channel, so that what the horizontal rack "columns" are now.
2) Remove the insert section and make it possible map the knobs to the rack of that channel
3) Move the inputs and outputs of the audio interface completely to mixer channels, make the external audio routing part of the mixer
4) Move the "external device" MIDI routing thingy to the mixer channels, each channel can have a midi input and output! :-) assigned

This way the general compatibility to combinators would be kept, one "channel rack" would be "above" the combinator racks, like the rows in the rack now, just that each of them has a channel header. Furthermore, by separating channels this way all the magic of delay compensation, multithreading single channels and freezing would become possible in Reason. Finally, MIDI-Out could be supported in a way that would not make users want to strangle little cats when coming from another sequencer ;-)

All these changes imply a slew of other changes and little incompatibilities that were unknown to Reason users until now.. I wonder how the Reason world would react to such severe changes :-D Will the Props ever get though to put such a relatively painful transition upon us?
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