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Old 2012-09-14, 00:40
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Smile Requests for Reason 6.5 Rack Extensions

Hello everybody,I would really like to see these VST's.Also here are some suggestions for Reason 7.0.

First here is a list of Rack Extensions I wish Reason 6.5 had!

1.Nexus 2 with Rack Extension,with Expansion packs from reFX.

2.Kontakt Player 5 or 6.

3.Izotope Ozone 5 the real version of the Mastering Suite with the added plugins.

4.IK Multimedia Philaharmonic because the VST sounds better than the refills and plus you have extra sounds.

5.Vienna Dimension Pro Brass and Vienna Symphonic Instruments VST.

6.Waves Compressor,EQ,Mastering,and Limiters.

7.Rob Papen Albino

8.reFX Vanguard VST

9.Tone2 Gladiator and the Electro VST they have.

10.G-Force Media Minimonsta

11.Steinberg Halion Sonic the new one released either 2011 or 2012 plus the other VST that has a Black skin.

12.EZ Drummer


14.Toxic Biohazard from Image-Line

15.Sytrus from Image Line

16.Poizone from Image Line

17.Sawyer from Image Line

18.Avid/M-Audio Pro Tools 9 plugins.

19.Rapture from Cakewalk and a couple of their other VST's.

20.Last but not least,any EastWest plugins like Colossus etc.

Here a list of suggestions for the next Reason,say for Reason 7.0.

More Propellerhead plugins like more advanced Mastering Suites,Compressors,EQ's,Limiters,Maximizers,and a new Stereo Imager plugin,All of the plugins should have their own presets like for EQ,Compression,Maximizer,and Stereo Imager,with the ability to save create and your own presets and save and tweak from a list of presets like you guys didn't have before.Because before you couldn't save your the presets for EQ,Comp,etc.But in 7.0 you will be able to do it.More refills for Instruments and Synths,Pads,Leads,etc.Also you guys should make genre style patches and presets from within reason 7.0 itself.Like Hip Hop,RnB,Jazz,Rock,Pop,Trance,DnB,Ambient,Chillout, Mainroom,Dubstep,Classical,Blues,Gospel, Christian section,Sci-fi,section and a section for Film Scoring to use to make tracks for movies.I know a lot people would love it,whenever you guys do it.Custom High Quality drum kits for Hip Hop Techno,Trance,Rock,Pop and RnB.And will be made by you guys at Propellerheads.You would be able to buy them for the Kong,and Redrum with the ability to buy them off of Propellerheads.SE.More effect plugins for Vocals.Also to change the the color of Sequencer,because I know it's time to get new one.and for 7.0 to go inside the program itself like with FL Studio.It takes you inside the program itself.Not just the small windows that you can see everything with.But to be inside Reason 7.0 itself.Also for Reason 7.0 to load better and faster.Also to remove all the glitches from previous versions of Reason.A new Mixer,with more bus channels.And also to change the depth that Reason has now.It seems like when you go into other DAW's there sound bang harder and sound more deep,and louder than Reason without using any effects.I think you guys should just set the bar high for excellent Sound Quality.And be the innovators of the Professional sound,that will be ahead of everybody.Most People don't use Reason,becuase they don't know about it or they think it's too complicated or they're sleep on it's capabilities.I would also like to see a Brass, Woodwinds,Organs,and Synths Propellerhead refill made by you guys!And to make the MPC compatible with it's presets loaded into Reason.Say for instance,all of the things and sounds you have and can do on the MPC Reason 7.0 you would be able and compatible to do everything the MPC does,like Sequencer,Record,Sampler,Quantizer and Drum Library that you'd be able use in reason 7.0.Last can you PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE add a MASTER PITCH to Reason 7.0.?!

Also can you change the picture the 3 boxes supposed to be a Propeller?And replace it with real Propellers like the design of the Intro.Also can you out a higher screen resolution,and glow in the dark or lava light type screens for edit mode.So you can use them when the Sun goes down,I like working in the dark,because it's more calmer at night than it is in the daytime.And you can't see the some of the things on Reason in the dark.Also can you change the High MB and KB to more compressed so that have a good amount of space on your disk on your computer.Last can you make the Master Fader to have a higher value that can give tons of headroom.


Yours Truly,

Derrick a loyal and true Reason user!

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