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Old 2012-09-14, 22:53
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pcr 300

pcr 300 don't works fine if you use it as it is.
caudùse of it transmits on the virual midi ports : pcr 1 amd 2, causing double triggering with remote override .
You must set your pcr to send message to both ports: pcr 1 and pcr 2 (it would be the default setting, but i'm not sure, check your manual.
Then, when you are in reason, you must set it as "other" manufacture and a "generic midi keyboard (no controls), and transmit port "pcr 1", ( if you touch the keyboard it will transmit on pcr 1).
Set it as the master keyboard. Now u must add another device for your control surface, It will be " other " manufacturer and " generic multichannel control surface " so check if touching a fader or a knob, it would transmit on pcr 2.
This "double installation" would mix any problem expecially if u want to use the pads not for triggering notes, but opening / closing action in a "Toggle" mode (check the pcr 300).
excuse language hope its useful.

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