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Balance Won't Show Up!

I just got Balance, and I went to run it with Reason 6.5. I have a mic plugged into Balance and the "Signal/Clip" light shows that the unit is picking up sound from the mic. However, I went into Reason's preferences menu to the "Audio" section and could not find Balance in the drop-down list of options. I then went to my computer's control panel under the "Manage Audio Devices" section and could not find Balance there either. I unplugged Balance and plugged it back in again to see if that worked and it did not. My computer is running Windows 7, if that matters, and I have Reason 6.5, if that matters. Any help on this would be great because, since the MBox Mini I had crapped out for no reason a while ago, I have not been able to record any vocals. As a hip-hop artist, I sort of need to be able to do that. I apologize in advance if this question ahs been asked before, I searched the forums to no avail. I would also like to thank you guys in advance for any help or suggestions on fixing this issue. Any problem I have ever had with a Propellerhead product before has been solved within 24 hours due to the wonderful people on this forum.
Thanks again,
Eli Grove
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Is Balance plugged into a USB3 port?

Known issue: Balance doesn't like USB3 ports - currently must have native USB2 port - Props are looking into it.

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I'm really not sure what the difference between the two is. I'll go ahead and try all the ports on my computer though to see if any of them work.
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I solved it. For some reason my computer did not want to install the correct drivers. In fact, it was saying that there were none. So I got them from the Propellerhead website and it is up and running, fully functional.
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Big sticker over USB port is there for a reason

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