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Bassline Fatigue...

Warning: This is a stupid and strange question,
i just want to make sure its not just me, this happens all the time to me, I throw together some drums and then start working on some basslines, then I will get a great sounding bassline pattern/couple bars, and I will let the drums and the bassline just play along (loop) while I tweak things or work on other sections, BUT in like 5-10 minutes, I start thinking the bassline sucks and then go back to it and try to fix it etc... and then after fixing it 5-10min later same thing happens again. Am I just getting tired of hearing the drum and bassline alone repeating over and over and over again? Well just wondering if this happens to others and what they do about it?
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Originally Posted by Purpleb View Post
Am I just getting tired of hearing the drum and bassline alone repeating over and over and over again?

Try adding an arp- or synthline, maybe with some automation just to keep things fresh for a while.
Also try shifting hihats, percussion and bassnotes away from eachother with the position-tool in the inspector bar. A few ticks will help alot.
Combined with ReGroove, you shouldn't get bored that fast anymore.
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"Am I just getting tired of hearing the drum and bassline alone repeating over and over and over again? Well just wondering if this happens to others and what they do about it?"

IMHO, it's a common effect if you start to create a song with bass and drum,

don't get me wrong I come from the DNB/hiphop style, so I started many songs on this base me too,

but once you find the big drum and bass parts it's difficult to find interesting other parts and to leave the space for them,

add to this that most people (me too) tend to repeat the same things all the time

the more I produce music the less I "overuse" big bass sound,

start your song with the melody/ a chord/ a gimmick and put the bass on when you get it, just to make your song more "solid",

then create your drum part,

I don't say It's THE WAY to do it but for me it helps to create more interesting songs,

(perhaps also because for me to find the good drum/bass part is the easiest things in creating a song too).
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This is why I play songs by hand rather than sequencing them. If you play a baseline from the start of a song to the end, you almost always add some interesting variations or change the pattern entirely.

But, even the bass player in my band will get annoying if he plays the exact same bassline over and over. Making the bassline 4 measures or more helps, a 2 bar loop will get monotonous more quickly.
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I've fallen in that pit more than a few times myself, but have managed to find a way out. My experience is that it is very rewarding to slap together a cool bassline with a punchy beat, but I very rarely succeed in turning that into a complete song.

Nowadays when I believe I've found the vibe in a cool drum/bassline, I stop the sequencer and walk away from it. I try to imagine how I would like the idea be part of a melody or a chord structure. I then try to find the next stage of the idea - bridge, chorus, whatever - and then try to imagine what bassline would go with that stage. Sometimes I try to complete the idea/song on a piano or a guitar.

I then go back to my drum/bassline idea to "fill in the blanks".
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Oddly, I have the exact opposite problem, as I still find a repeating 303 type line with some filter action endlessly fascinating. Lock into the groove, twiddle some knobs, 20 minutes later still there fiddling about
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Well the bassline is there to emphasize the melody, ie a descending bassline underneath a repeating melody.. with no bass/lead harmonies it tends to get one dimensional.
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I've had this happen to me for so many sounds, not just bass. I figure in my case it is that I get bored easily and have heard something loop too many times, causing me to dislike it.

Some techniques I've tried, on purpose or by accident...

Put it down and come back the next day. If it sounds cool when returning there is a hook there that you genuinely like and maybe it's worth working on. This technique has more often than not helped me realize I genuinely don't like the crap I started the day before, and I just leave it on my hard drive to add clutter and be forgotten about.

Mute the bass. If you've established the key you're in, or are just making percussion, you should be able to make stuff that will go along with the bass without hearing it. Of course, some of the charm of music comes from when instruments work collaboratively, rather than everything doing their own separate thing, so this does add a potential challenge leading to backtracking or just more work you later frown upon.

Make a longer bass loop. Double the length, half the repetition.

Don't start with the bass.

and finally...

Just keep doing what you're doing. I see nothing wrong with tiring of something, changing it, tiring of that, changing that. I've done this countless times and everything eventually becomes something I keep or gets muted and the only thing lost is time.

But if you're getting frustrated maybe try some of the other ideas to change up the pace.

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if you whant to work a long session work in the morning insted of late at night !
I have tryed and it work well !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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Happens to me all the time, that's why I do the bassline only once everything else is ready.. I just keep the bassline in my head really when listening to the rest of the arrangement. For the same reason I hardly ever start with drums.. I do all the rest first, most of the time I start with "pad-like" sounds, strings for instance..

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