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The ones I have heard good things about are the Akasa Voodo Venom - which I believe is the one Grumbleweed went with and The Noctura D14.

There are many others - look for reviews, most of them give a comparison chart on temperature and noise level. Noise from coolers can be reduced by cases with sound proofing. The Fractal Design are a good example, but by no means the only ones. Dabs in the UK had an offer on the R4 in black for just under £90. so it pays to shop around.

Be absolutely sure that your chosen cooler will fit in your case - some of these are huge beasts.

I went for liquid cooling mainly because I had never tried it before. When you really push the PC with stress tests, it can get a bit loud, but it will stay cool. Not really a problem for me, because it will never be pushed that hard in Reason.
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No problem on the advice. Glad a few more are chiming in, I was quite sick yesterday and just stayed in bed all day. I've got the noctua nh-d14 CPU cooler and at stock speed my CPU hits about 60c under load on hot days. The sabertooth bios has a "performance mode" which auto overclocks the CPU to 4.2ghz I've read. Haven't seen the CPU get over 65c under load in that setting, but the computer doesn't like to start up from sleep (something screwy with the bios settings) so I only use that if I'm trying to get a little more juice for a song that's causing the "computer too slow" message. The cooler seems to work well tho. One thing to note about it tho, is that it may block ram slots. They can still be used on my board but I had to be sure to use low profile ram, and install the ram before installing the CPU fans. It is also quite large, so I would try to make sure it will fit whatever case you're looking at, if you're thinking about going that way. Noctua also has a handy mobo compatibility chart at their website.
The case I'm using is a corsair carbide 500r, fairly neat case. I'm running the stock fan configuration, 2 in front, 1 large one on the side, and 1 in back. It has space for 2 more fans on top (not included) but I haven't seen reason to install any. It's fairly quiet, tho I'll prolly still wind up using my MacBook for recording mic'd signals. Doesn't get much quieter than that machine as long as it's not under heavy load.

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The components I'm mentioning are the options from the web builder I'm looking at using but all seem fine to me.
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hey Pmassey!!!
Reading more I see you may build you a PC , if you are going to remember that the mother board is the main thing that keep everything safe and working good and it is also what would give you or not the upgrading possibility on future hardware parts !

get a new mother board from asus for ivy bridge i7 proscessor and also get a mid class one so you will have lots of connection to put future stuff inside and look at how many bars of ram it can take ect ...

Think like this to have a winning ticket : spending 200 box more in a pc can be heavy today but in 4 years time when your pc will still be working fast with no upgraded you will realise that you saved some cash by buying more life time for your PC !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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I only use Intel boards these days. They may not have all the wiz bang over clocking options but for stability I've found nothing better. I also use a Corsair H50 as that was the only one available at the time.

My current tower has a DP55WG MB with an i7 860 but I'm using the laptop I bought last week more these days
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Originally Posted by pmassey View Post
Certainly not rushing into the spec, few weeks spent contemplating components so far, amazing what you find out about something when researching.

The HDD size is short term but can't make my mind up on SSD or not. Thinking on either 90 or 120GB as it only contains the pc's software programmes and I've been told 90GB is more than enough.
Just to chime in on the SSD size - don't skimp here. You'd be shocked how quickly 120GB can go if you store all your programs on there, and then put a load of ReFills on


SSDs needs a lot of spare diskspace to allow for automatic TRIMing and general housekeeping. They don't like being full up.
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when I think about it the logic hit me ! a intel chip on a intel board just sound right !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !

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