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Old 2012-09-17, 01:39
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Reason 6, external audio routing basics

(Not a Reason user yet)

I guess I can route an external gear out ---> PC analog ins ---> Reason audio recording track. Correct?

Also, can the external audio signal be routed to Reason'ss mixer, fx etc and with real-time monitoring? Example: I play on an external synth and monitor "wet" (Resaon's delay, reverb etc) whilst the Reason sequencer is playing/or recording midi tracks?

Any inputs on this would help.

Old 2012-09-17, 01:52
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In R6 and R6.5 you can record multiple tracks, and while playing them back, you can play live while the already recorded tracks are playing.

If you are on a PC, you'll need to install ASIO (like ASIO4ALL) to get audio into Reason (no additional software needed on a MAC).

Not sure if you have an external (or PCI card) audio interface, but that's something to consider for higher quality sound, in and out.

You can give it all a trying using the reason demo:

The demo lets you do everything except open a song, but you will be able to see how it all works.

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Old 2012-09-17, 12:46
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Thank you for commenting.

When you "play live while the already recorded tracks are playing" can routing be made so the external gear signal passes through Reason's fx, then gets mixed with other material and finally can be monitored in the speakers as a "wet" signal? Even better would be if you can monitor (live playing external gear) wet and record dry at the same time, independently. I have no idea if all this could be done or if it's a simple task for Reason.

Audio interface will have to be looked into (PC). For the ASIO drivers. So, any (most) ASIO compatible audio interfaces, using manufacturer's ASIO driver should work as well as using ASIO4ALL. Did I get this right?

Old 2012-09-17, 13:06
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Old 2012-09-17, 22:29
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Excelent! Thanks all for the help.


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