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Old 2012-09-18, 16:29
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If you don't like your job, read this..

Related to everyday life, related to music.. GREAT article, one of the best I ever read.
Old 2012-09-18, 17:46
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Thanx for sharing and yeah amazing story.
Old 2012-09-18, 18:31
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I did sort of the same but had some bad luck when trying the business part of music

Still I kept coming back to music, which I can't say about all the others jobs I ever had.
Now I'm a producer for a upcoming live act in EDM.

Great viral, nonetheless he hasn't lost his marketing touch.
Old 2012-09-18, 19:09
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My experience is that mastering engineers (ok.... only 1 I met) are like bankers.
Only talking about money instead on focusing on the music. And then do a lousy job.
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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery
And remember, blessed are the cheesemakers, and any manufacturers of dairy-based music !
Originally Posted by obroadfield View Post
You're a hero Eric...thank you.
Old 2012-09-18, 19:44
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some philosopher said: "choose a job you love, then youll never have to work a day in your whole life"
"Those about to rock... check your copyright protection"

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Old 2012-09-18, 20:03
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It's a touching and amazing story. That said, the guy was 23 and had no one that relied on him but himself. No kids. No wife. It's a lot easier when all you have to worry about is yourself.

Tack a decade or two onto his life, add some kids and a wife into the mix - it's not as easy as that. But still - a great story nonetheless!
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Old 2012-09-18, 20:29
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As if I wasn't already dreaming about quitting my job everyday already...

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.
Old 2012-09-18, 20:52
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Originally Posted by particlejunkie View Post
As if I wasn't already dreaming about quitting my job everyday already...

-your boss

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Old 2012-09-18, 21:28
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My advise is if you don't like your job is keep being honest with people about it. Nobody will ever be unimpressed with you wanting to make things better for yourself. I've had trouble fitting in after a company reshuffle and after finally settling down to put my thoughts on paper and share it with my management they realised I had valid reasons to be unhappy and found me something much more suited to my skills. Not as dramatic on walking out of a high flying job but suffering in silence will only lead to misery.
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Old 2012-09-18, 22:07
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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post

-your boss

zzzzz...what? Oh oh! Sorry, I was having such a beautiful dream just now.

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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