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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I haven't seen that on other programs, but it sounds interesting.

But even more curious to me than this issue, I find it odd that the mouse pointer is moving at all when your turning a knob. Makes it frustrating when you have to drag 'up' to increase a value, and then bring the point BACK to where you started if you need to move the control again. Lots of wasted movement there IMO.

I don't know what platform you're on, but when you scroll on OSX (mountain lion), the pointer doesn't actually move (nice!). I'd love to see the same thing when moving controls, where you are only restricted by the amount of room on your mouse pad/trackpad. That would also address the problem when you try to scroll DOWN on a control at the bottom of the screen (and can only go a tiny bit before stopping).

I still want "Up/Down" movement of the mouse/trackpad to control a knob/fader, I just don't want the pointer to physically move on the screen, as it's illogical and there's no real reason for it to do so in the first place! :-)

on windows seven my bar keep going up and down all the time when I go too low 2press play or scroll to low but it is ok for me since I could block the bar down or up in the option .

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