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Originally Posted by RaverJK View Post
At least(!) we need a "worst case fall back copy" that acts like the one in MS Word (no flaming here now, please).

You're "in the flow", you did not save. (Yeah, shame on you! But that's the way life goes.) Ok, now the door bells, it's the postman. While you're happy about your amazon package, giving your signature, your wife goes to the meanwhile auto-locked PC, logs in to her account, ignores alle these blinking LEDs on the synthie, wants to watch youtube. ...but: OMG! There's no sound! (That is, because it's blocked by Asio on the other account.) Well, she has no clue about your reason project and sound drivers and stuff... so she reboots the system. ("It did not work" she'd say later.)

Et voila, all work's gone.

These or similar situations JUST DO HAPPEN. And I would really appreciate a crash fallback solution that saves my last oh-so-brilliant ideas (or even my crappy mistakes). This is much more important than that all-new plugin-system which is no plug-in system just because we don't call the plugins plugins.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely me.
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