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Old 2012-09-22, 12:07
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You should select all audio clips that you wish to tidy up.

The other thing to look at is "Save and Optimize", which also tries to clean up and reduce file size.

Without knowing a bit more about the material and what you're trying to do, it's hard to offer more than just general advice. If this is a multitrack recording and you still have mixing to do, then you may just have to muddle through as is. But if you have it mixed, or if this is just a basic stereo pair on one track that you want to break into simple WAV files, you could use the loop markers to define the beginning and end of each song and then export the loops to WAV. Exported WAVs certainly wouldn't be carrying a lot of hidden data. I guess it would help to know what exactly it is you want to wind up with once you separate all the songs, and what you eventually want to do with/to them.
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