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Old 2012-09-21, 16:12
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Hi omsot,

I dont want to come across like a dick, but really if its too hard for anyone to use the Dongle for reason authorization then those persons should stay away from Reason itself! Reason's complexity is on a thousandfold level of the usage of the dongle.

Just like all the others, I bought Record 1.0 I plugged in my dongle, accessed the website of the props as described and blam my licence was on the thing, then for another year I had to do absolutely nothing! Then Record 1.5 came and I had to click 2 times!! Man.. I was so tired after that last process, really..
Old 2012-09-24, 19:00
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Hi just started reason 6.5 then started cubase sx3 without rewire,linked my hardware synth to cubase midi played a pattern in and snapped it with cubase making sure the tempo was the same as my reason project then made an audio track in reason hit record and it recorded my sequenced pattern from my hardware synth nudged it in time with reason's tempo it worked great goes in perfect time with my reason project song so maybe this could be a work around for your midi out problem

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