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Old 2012-09-25, 11:41
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Originally Posted by Lunesis View Post
Hopefully things are changing for the better..
If nothing else, the Internet offers an opportunity that wasn't there 20 years ago when Steve Albini wrote that essay. (I remember buying that issue of MaximumRockNRoll.) It is - possible - for a musician to be heard and even enjoy some success without the involvement of record labels at all, let alone the major labels. It's almost a canard at this point, the potential for independence from major labels - although as long as the idea of having a record label pay an artist hundreds of thousands of dollars still exists, there will be the temptation to throw one's lot in with the devil, as it were. Hell, I'd do it myself under the right conditions (which probably will never exist).

Of course, the Internet has provided the music industry with another way to shortchange its artists, with digital downloads, either by royalty payments being miscalculated (or just minimal to start with, which is why I believe Radiohead left EMI and self-released In Rainbows) or some services just out-and-out giving out artists' music without permission (cf King Crimson and Grooveshark).

I think things will probably change for the better, especially as younger, newer artists become more informed and aware than previous generations were. But I also think that as they are forced to adjust to the new environment the major labels will probably flail around and cause quite a bit of damage before things find a new equilibrium...
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"It's a shit business..."
Old 2012-09-25, 13:22
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So many artists from past years were indeed screwed out of money but in those days you have to remember there was so much more money to be made from being a successful artist and even the names being mentioned i would say have still earnt a good standard of living over the years from creating music. I hate to be negative but in a recent news report 60% of all MP3s downloaded are now illegal copies, with the massive popularity of legal download sites like spotify only a tiny amount of that money will ever go to the artist.
The few remaining larger lables will no longer take risks with artists which is why we have so many independants. I would say its never been harder to make a living out of recording music.
Being a business man myself i honestly think the best route to take is to look at the film production companies, cable TV stations etc. and market your music to them. Its an area where you stand a litle more chance of success especially if you can provide well produced music on a budget which is kind of what us Reason users are all about... ;-)
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I'll bite...

Off topic, but that Steve Albini summery on the Negativland website is edited. Just wait till you hear what he says about compression- which I agree with to some extent LOL. Also, Negativland rules. Also also, Electrical Audio is a fantastic tour. Wonderful studio.

It is an interesting time for musicians. These DAW's already afford us the technology that bands used to pay thousands a week for. Studios are closing, the Major's are reeling, and internet censorship is just beginning. Obviously it affects everyone. Ever try to buy 2" tape lately?

Make your mark- DIY style. Move on. Find new ways to get the cash flowing. Adapt or get out of the way. I find this sentiment a positive one. Your mileage may vary.

I think if my personal music was popular enough for major label interest, then I wouldn't need them anyways. Plenty of newer bands that are proof of that.
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