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Old 2012-09-25, 23:36
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I agree with this request. It would be useful to be able to condense multiple automation lanes to a single lane so it's easier to chop and edit. It especially makes sense for effects devices.
Old 2012-09-25, 23:41
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Originally Posted by Hypothalamus View Post
One irritating thing (as the OP points to) is that this option unticks itself when you create or open a new document, unlike all the other items on the Options menu. I actually reported this as a bug once during beta testing, but got no reply. I would like to be able to have this option set at all times.

this is what I'm always talking about Props. your weird little design choices that might seem very clever when you come up with them but serve more as gotchas just because it's one more little quirk to learn.

like the way Kong doesn't remember your output routing when you load different samples. argh argh argh
Old 2012-09-26, 07:13
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Thank you! Finally someone who agrees with me.

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