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scam webpage thread gone?

Ehm.. where has the thread gone about that scam webpage stealing our music from soundcloud etc.? Any clue why it was removed? I'm not mentioning the name of that webpage on purpose...
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Interesting. Kudos to you for researching the issue further and contacting and working with Propellerhead. It was an interesting thread, and in retrospect I guess I can see a Pandora’s Box possibility in a public forum. Especially in this place.
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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
Hi mate - I started the thread but got some legal advice that these things are better pursued privately than in a public thread and I asked Props to delete the thread.

My aim was to raise awareness of the issue and that was achieved.

Apologies to everyone who posted info but, given the circumstances, I'm sure you'd agree this was the best course of action.
Good point, I thought this might be the reason, and that's why I didnt mention the name of the site! I'd appreciate if you could send me a pvt message if there is any progress on this.. I'm really curious
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wow i must have totally missed that topic... was soon going to get a soundcloud account and start uploading my stuff... do i have anything immediate i need to worry about doing so?
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Might I suggest we all contact Soundcloud on this issue, it's not good for their profile and they have more clout than we as individuals, etc.
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Good idea, just did it.
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This has brought a bit of a concern for me too. I didn't see the initial topic, but I do have some tracks up there that although still demo quality I'd like them to remain mine.
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Not much Soundcloud can do about it. If someone wants to rip a song they can also just record it. I've had a few of my songs pop up on the internet on various websites. Untill now an email was always enough to have them removed by the company hosting them. I'm having my music available as downloads in wav myself now on Soundcloud. At least the quality of the files going round will be higher than the poor Soundcloud streams
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I did an account on soundcloud and others juste to be register and many other bolgs say lissen to charlycharlzz here and have a link to soundcloud but I never put anything so there is no link to anything and there system fail with dudes like me haha !
the only things that you can find about me is what I have put online myself or my hosting^on murdafunk radio and mixtapes before 2009 ! but if I had any issue I buy a ticket and go for a rampage on those fools !
I got real pro military trainning like rambo so I think a dude taking my work would spend more money in protection then the cash incoming from any of my (non-pro) work anyway lol!

but please pm me the website so I can check anyway !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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Hahah I can see you dressing up in black and getting down on these bastards LOL
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