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Originally Posted by Helioscentric View Post
Great explanation of how it should be done and would make me feel right at home, I would only add that I would like to be able to not only create sub mix (group) channels but also be to be able to group together sub group channels. Example - if I create a sub mix channel for my vocals, I want the flexibility to be able to then send that sub mix channel to another sub-mix channel - Logic has this facility and it makes for a very flexible mix environment.
Grouping the groups - I think I addressed this already but if not, YES!
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I saw a post about this in another forum and thought i would bump this back up to the first page.
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Originally Posted by Puzzlefactory View Post
I saw a post about this in another forum and thought i would bump this back up to the first page.
Yes, this feature is very important.
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These features are a Must Have for any DAW.
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Are there groups now in Reason 6? And does Reason 6 kill off Record? What is the word from Propellerhead on groups?

Anyone know?

thx -

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"Are there groups now in Reason 6"

No and thats the only thing that sucks in Reason 6 but its important as everyone agrees.
Yes Reason 6 replaces Record+Reason
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Originally Posted by Puzzlefactory View Post
I've actually found the same solo problem when creating sub mixes in pro tools. You don't by chance know how to get around that do you?
This can be fixed in PT by command clicking the solo button.
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6.5 and still no groups...sigh... there are so many new threads created for this FS I thought I would bump this one.
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what ? I dont know why that thread came back on topic today but two years of waiting when the solution is right here !
yes I whant that feature in that exact way !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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