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Originally Posted by zeroohm View Post
nice use of the transformers sample nicely stretched and manipulated sounds good .

and three legged duck side chain to allow the kick out good but theres nothing wrong with ya stuff m8 i went listened to ya cloud . one thing ask advice and tips on making ya sound better but dont listen to other producers on how they would do something to be honest you make your stuff to how you like it thats whats important is that you are happy with the structure etc. every producer / artist will do it differently on that hat . and dont worry about loudness wars either people dont realise it destroys the peaks and troughs in your forms flattens them to hell in most of what i see. and that it might sound good on certain things but not on things like tv`s etc . also alot of the dj`s i know complain about how crap it sounds at loud volume as its boosted so much it distorts at lower volumes. just bear all that in mind. now go make some mud like me .
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