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Old 2012-10-01, 23:22
soundwarrior20 soundwarrior20 is offline
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a totally blind user with questions about controlling reason with 2 Controlers?

hey all i'm trey from the uk i'm totally blind and i have a question about splitting control of reason bitten 2 controllers.

if i had a controller keyboard and a second controller with just knobs faders pads and buttons could i set up the keyboard controller to only play instruments whilst using the pads on the second controller to select different devices and using the other controls of the second controler to adjust the parameters of the Devices i'de selected with the pads?

your help with this question would be most welcome.

blessings sound warrior.

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Old 2012-10-02, 03:19
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gwynebiau gwynebiau is offline
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Yes, you can use multiple controllers at the same time with Reason. In fact, some of the controllers, like the Panorama P4 actually show up as 2 separate controllers in Reason.
Old 2012-10-02, 23:29
soundwarrior20 soundwarrior20 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 12
so does that mean the control system i described in my first post is possible? blessings sound warrior
Old 2012-10-03, 00:48
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Yes, soundwarrior20, when you right click on a device you get the option to lock your controllers to it.
This will prevent it behaving like a master controller and following your focus on the sequencer.

In keystrokes, once you have multiple devices selected, you press Alt O, S, Enter, Then focus is on which device you want to lock, then hit tab and you can select the device you want to lock it to. Once you've finished just close the window, there is no OK button, the first button will take you to the controller settings and the other one opens a help file.
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Old 2012-10-03, 02:28
soundwarrior20 soundwarrior20 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 12
so am i right that when your Controler is controling the sequencer you can use it to play stop record and control mixer volumes etc? also can your controller be used to arrange music in the sequencer for example moving to and placing bits of recordings on a track?

also pushbutton mentioned that you can lock your controler to a device but can you lock your controller to multiple devices at once? Whilst the other controller controls the sequencer and plays your instruments? blessings sound warrior.

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