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Old 2012-10-03, 05:04
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Looking for best analog synth refills

Hi everyone,

What are your favorite analog synth refills for Reason 5.0?

I'm looking for a bundle that would be similar to Arturia's Analog Factory, but anything along those lines would be great.

Old 2012-10-03, 05:16
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i dunno if it's the best analog Refills but i like thoses one, and furthermore they are free.
You gotta click on the Freebies tab, then scroll down the page.

Old 2012-10-03, 05:17
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I haven't found anything that would be equivalent to Arturia's huge analog bundle, but there are some refills that compare with individual elements of the bundle, such as Jigery Pokery's Blue Meanie ARP 2600 refill (10 pounds):

Blue Meanie refill

And Exode's Massive FREE refill includes some amazing analog stuff like Oberheims:

Propellerheads FREE Refills - scroll down page to see Exode's Massive Synthesis

Of course, these are refills, so you don't get a pretty screen image of the device like you do with an Arturia plug-in, but they are very sonicly detailed and authentic. I've personally found these to be very good and tweakable analog sounds.

And, if you're willing to go to Rack Extensions, the Korg Poly600, G-Force Re-Tron, and Ron Papen's Predator-Re are just amazing and fun to play with. Plus you get more customized controls and screen image to get lost in noodling around. All three are great and versatile instruments!

"F" the ineffable!

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Originally Posted by hstarcrew View Post
Hi everyone,

What are your favorite analog synth refills for Reason 5.0?

I'm looking for a bundle that would be similar to Arturia's Analog Factory, but anything along those lines would be great.


my favorite (analogsynth´s): ReFills from ""

EDIT: I forgot to tell, "" has some nice analogrefills too
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I second the notion of getting anything by Jiggery-Pokery. I picked up on his Nebulae refill for some killer ambient pads and Combis. Haven't used the Blue Meanie myself, but at around $16 USD you can hardly go wrong. Everything he does is first rate. Be sure to listen to the sample music at the bottom of the page.
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Bitley Platinum is well know for its Fairlight samples, but I like it for the analog instruments especially Roland JX 8P/10 and Prophet 5.

Jiggery Pokery Retrospective is also a great refill for Vintage synths.
Old 2012-10-03, 13:16
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Fairlight Platinum for all the goodies in there, analog and digital.

Soundcells Analog Signature, based on Moog Source, MS20, Microwave 1 and Pulse samples.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by joseydeclaire View Post
my favorite (analogsynth´s): ReFills from ""
Asbofeckinlutely, check out the freebies by way of a taster.
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reasonbanks/Pink noise studio

Free and commercial refill, great work
Old 2012-10-03, 14:38
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pinknoise analogue monsters
pinknoise voyager

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