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Old 2012-05-13, 17:24
StormCanada StormCanada is offline
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I'm just going to add that I'm one of the people who also has never experienced any problems with the browser. As you were...
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Old 2012-05-13, 20:36
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The browser in Reason is a joke in many ways. First of all it´s not "online" with no drag-n-drop functionality. And yes it incredibly slow and I would never use the search function as it´s not indexed in any way.
Old 2012-05-13, 20:45
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Originally Posted by Exowildebeest View Post
Ever tried a folder with 500+ samples or patches?

Combinator loading speed is also not the issue here, I never got to 7 seconds on that. Neither is the opening of refills in general. It's mostly slow on opening folders. And it's been a problem that has been there for me on all versions, on all my pc's over the years. If anything, it seems to be getting worse as the amount of files, patches and file type increase with time and versions.

I still don't understand what extra information the Reason Browser loads that makes it so slow compared to Windows Explorer. It seems to be nothing more, less even. Name, file type, file size and date modified. Only if you click a file, it loads things like sample lenght, combinator devices etc.

What IS it that makes it slow?

You know, I'm not sure about larger samples. I work mostly with midi files and one hit samples for drums. I'll have to see if I have that large of folder with samples. I know I've opened a few larger Dr. Rex folders but still didn't notice anything like what you guys speak of. I'll have to do some playing around with it.
Old 2012-05-13, 20:54
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Soundcells Soundcells is offline
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As much as i love Reason in many aspects - i have to agree - painful slow! Loading "bigger patches" isn´t very fast too. I hope that this will be fixed - like a few other things...
Old 2012-10-06, 00:34
liquidtrai liquidtrai is offline
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Fixed locations

Originally Posted by altron View Post
Every aspect of Reason screams intuitivity to get started quickly to create music EXCEPT for one thing: The file browser! Since Reason exists it seems this snail has never been improved.

I've just browsed a folder with 464 mixed patches in it and stopped the time: It took 36 seconds before any files appeared in the browser!! 36 freaking seconds that break any sense of creative flow! And this was on a fast local harddisk on a Pentium i7, not on any LANdisk or anything like that! Is there a secret trick that unlocks normal file browsing speed?

Holy cow, dear Props please do us all a favor and improve the file browser (and while you're at it give it better functionality, e.g. tagging like in NI Kore)!
Reason browses faster in fixed locations. Make sure all of your "downloaded" refills are in the reason fixed locations folder. It is the one at the top of the locations and favorites menu. If you have all your refills in an added location; drag them out of there into the fixed folder c.program files.propellerhead.reason you will see the factory and okester soudbank in that folder

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Old 2012-10-06, 02:03
nhsh nhsh is offline
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Also, one more time: check you don't have any shortcuts to networked folders in any of the folders that feature in the file browser's left hand side "Locations and Favorites" list. Because that kills browser performance like nothing else.
Old 2012-10-06, 12:11
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vivadangermouse vivadangermouse is offline
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Originally Posted by markbt View Post
The "File too large for Autoplay" is annoying as well. I want to be able to override this.
Oh God yes!!!
Old 2013-04-03, 12:06
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devilfish devilfish is offline
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the problem is still not fixed

damn it!
Old 2013-04-03, 14:26
bananaranha bananaranha is offline
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As a developer, I can tell you that if it takes that long in any recently-ish hardware (less than 5 years old), it's all about the software, not because the machine is "slow" or because you "need an SSD".

If Reason needs to read a lot of metadata from each sample/preset file, then the Props should cache those (they almost never change anyway), and add indexes for quicker search / retrieval. It's not rocket science.

Probably they just used the lazy way out, and used the basic OS file operations, scanning each file individually, etc, but that, while it could have been "good enough" back in the day, it's not really good today where we have with tons of presets and samples.

I'm sure they know it, and will overhaul the browser at some point (7.5? 8?).

Another lazy cop-out pain point is the bitmap, non resizable, UI. Good enough when we had 72 dpi monitors back in 2001, not good anymore in the hi-dpi era -- it makes everything tiny. With a Retina it should even be totally unusable.
Old 2013-04-03, 14:50
devilfish's Avatar
devilfish devilfish is offline
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for this reason, I have already bought an old 24" LCD/TFT?? Monitor
now everythink is fine and clearly visible

but the purchase of that SSD was for the ass^^
The browser is still slow.

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