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Old 2012-10-09, 09:38
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Wow.. this thread is messy, good luck OP, first let me tell you what I tell every musician I know and come accross who worries about getting a perfect or near decent mix/master.

You need to ask yourself who you are and what you want to be, a producer/composer? A mixing engineer? A mastering engineer?

Take it one step at a time, first, if making music is your passion, just focus on the music, focus on getting the music sounding as good as it can to YOU. Only use EQ, reverbs and delays, and all these other signal processors, to shape the sound you want, not what you think is best in the mix, just get used to them, experiment, there is no right or wrong. Any mix/recording or mastering engineer will tell you the most important part of it all is capturing the best performance, if you make a greatly composed track, all recorded nicely, then you're making a mix engineers life alot easier.

So just focus on the performance and putting your energy into the music, I suggest you don't worry so much about mixing right now (and mastering is a whole nother game)

And if you're still interested in learning to mix, just train your ears, learn what each device does and how it affects the sound, when you're composing you usually make drastic changes with effects to get a sound you want, mixing is usually about using all these tools quite minimally, to bring out the overall dynamics and atmosphere of your tracks.

You may find this video interesting:

Good luck OP
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