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Why are you putting your words into my mouth? I'm happy with every upgarde of Reason. I'm happy with every new RE which suits my needs and budget. And I'm not against innovations and new ides. I said in another comment, that Kong with 11 FX slots is probably not gonna happen (Kong is big enough even with 4 FX slots). Digging in old devices isn't PH style. Instead they give us new devices with every major upgrade. That's why after Subtractor we got Malstrom then Thor, after RV7 we got RV7000, after NN 19 we got NN-XT etc... I also mentioned that maybe PH or even more likely some RE developers could bring some new, similar, advanced device. Why not to ask let's say Rob Papen to port his Punch (which has only 4 FX slots too btw.) to RE? But OP doesn't want to wait for new device. He doesn't want to bother with routing inserts within mix channels either. Instead he started that pointless music genres argument.
And if you think that rock music equals screaming guitars and machine gun-like drums, you're far from the truth. Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel are benchmarks for me. And these guys could teach each one of us about sound, experimenting and innovations. They did it before most of us were born.
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