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Old 2012-10-10, 17:08
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I hardly think that this concept makes a bad headphones better. I'm sorry.

if it is not able to solve well, or does not have good transient response, or transient can depict, or the bass range can not be given is correct again, this box does not change.

buy yourself a "beyerdynamics DT880 Edition"!
and you will be happy...
Old 2012-10-10, 19:03
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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
I hardly think that this concept makes a bad headphones better. I'm sorry.
I don't think anyone here is saying that. I've got a pair of DT-770s myself (though I'm now intrigued by the 880 you speak of. I've recently heard open back are better for mixing and I just might have to test that out...) which I hope will pair well with the VRM box.

I like that the box simulates a variety of different listening environments. I don't think it'll completely replace me listening to mixes on every sound system I own, but I think it could help me make more informed decisions and cut down on the time I spend remixing my tracks.

I couldn't quite justify it at $100, but I'm really excited to get my hands on it at this lower price point.


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