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Old 2012-10-05, 13:32
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A quick bump before I crack and buy one from SSL. Save me!
Old 2012-10-08, 18:48
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Found one elsewhere, thanks.
Old 2012-10-09, 07:36
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Originally Posted by ggll View Post
Looking for a blank Ignition key for my SSL licenses. Anyone get one for sale?
uhmm nOPe

I do have an ignition key for an '82 Buick you can buy though. Only $23.99 via paYpaL
Old 2012-10-10, 21:57
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If you can email the car, we'll talk .
Old 2013-02-10, 04:27
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Arrow I have one

If you still need one, I have one for sale.

Hit me with a PM if you want it..

Originally Posted by ggll View Post
Looking for a blank Ignition key for my SSL licenses. Anyone get one for sale?
Old 2013-02-10, 08:54
Ambientdave Ambientdave is offline
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Originally Posted by MayorMcCheese View Post , assuming you mean Propellerhead licenses and not Solid State Logic. Hey, welcome to the forums.

Edit: Hmm, I just noticed that you don’t have any Propellerhead licenses. If you have some nefarious activity in mind, then rest assured; it won’t work.
He,he,well said

Very true,dongles might be a bit of a pain,in the ass for some But they do make life easy for established members who wear their badges with pride
I would have thought,that if this was genuine,and indeed he lost the ignition key,he would have got in touch with Props first?

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Old 2013-02-10, 13:07
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He did say it was for SSL and nothing to do with propellerhead but props IK's are cheaper.
Still he could be up to no good but people are always going to try regardless.

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