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Old 2012-10-11, 10:42
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Smile EQ,Compression,Scream 4 Distortion Settings For Hip Hop Kicks

Share some of your EQ,Compression,Scream 4, settings for Kicks for Hip Hop,and Dubstep.Explain your process of how you do it.
Old 2012-10-11, 11:35
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All depends on the Kick sample and what it needs. The settings are what sounds best.
Sorry there's no one setting that fits all.
Old 2012-10-11, 17:19
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Yeah, this must be one of the most widely misunderstood thing. Most if not all effects are really dependant on the sound you feed into them
Check out Dave909
Old 2012-10-11, 18:34
jlgrimes jlgrimes is offline
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Originally Posted by beatsknocking View Post
Share some of your EQ,Compression,Scream 4, settings for Kicks for Hip Hop,and Dubstep.Explain your process of how you do it.
Many times EQ and compression might not even be needed.

If u are step writing drums and using a kick with no velocity dynamics, it is already squashed.

I sometimes NY style compress whole drum sections to phatten drums. This is basically where you use a compressor as a send effect and send your kit to the compressor and mix it back in with the original. You can go very extreme with the compression settings and the goal is usually to go for a very over compressed sound and when you mix it back in you can control the depth of the effect.

Many kick samples are already EQd to sound pro.

If u have a lot of samples, sometimes the best thing to do is change the kick, rather than process the existing one.

that said, I highpass/lowpass EQ a lot.

Extreme Lowpass filtering was used a lot in 90s East Coast rap for like Wutang sounds but it also works good when u want more bassier tones and darker timbres (works great for bright sounds or vocals too for special effects).

Other than that I just boost/cut freqs to see if things sit better.

I like mild distortion for bass.

Softube Saturation effect is great for this as well. Pulverizer is great as well.

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