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Cymbal Catches

Does anyone know if there is a way to do cymbal catches with Alt Drums? Thanks for any ideas!
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Well in effect you catch the cymbal and the sound stops abruptly - sort of the reverse of a sutain pedal.
Without thinking too hard I'd just load the sample into an nnxt and then stick that in a combinator then use the programmer to make a button drop the sustain, then record the button automation to simulate your catches.
There's probably another way to approach it that would make more sense but I don't think you'll achieve the effect without setting up your own device to do this. The only thing is the buttons on a combinator are latching, not momentary, so you have to automate the on and off state.
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Interesting idea. I will give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion.
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In the past I've manually automated a volume drop after a cymbal hit, in the mix it sounds realistic. For ultra realism, you could let a little bit of the sound ring after the "choke" and use a low pass filter to imitate how the cymbal would sound instantly "muffled" if you had actually choked it.
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You can get close with gating. I learned this by accident.
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If you go the sample route, the NN-Nano inside Kong makes a lot more sense for this use. Plus some of the Kong effects you can add after it might help you get the sound you're looking for.
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Great ideas. Thank you for the suggestions.

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