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Old 2012-09-26, 19:00
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God bless your heart Paul. It's a blessing to have read your story and I hope the best for you.

Welcome to the Reason community and I'm following you on SoundCloud because you Rock!

edit: just finished listening to the two songs. Crocodile brought tears to my eyes. Is that you and your dad singing? I can hear the influence from the beetles, great song composition.

The fact that you want to help children and that your music is child-safe is very heart-warming. Would love to see the children stories you are working on and more music from you in the future.

God Bless, Giuseppe Testa

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Old 2012-09-26, 20:14
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Old 2012-09-26, 21:53
tmm22 tmm22 is offline
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Again thank you all all the kind words. I know that I said that above but I honestly don't know what I just happy that people are listening to it also if you have any further questions regarding my disability or would like more proof. I am more than happy to provide it
Old 2012-09-26, 22:01
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Respect Paul, it's amazing how well the speech thing works! You ain't vague at all. Checked out your songs and you are really creative. Keep up the great work man. Kids love the sound you got going on. I had two of my own dancing to your tunes!
Check out Dave909
Old 2012-09-27, 01:05
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Your music is super cool, it makes me feel good, because it's full of good vibes and to me that's the mission of music, making people feel good !
Bravo !
Keep on doing music.

Best Regards from France.
Old 2012-10-14, 00:26
tmm22 tmm22 is offline
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Hello everyone
just wanted to say thank you to everybody because of you guys I received this email from Sound cloud

We've noticed you're one of our prime sound creators, with between 100 and 1000 plays on your top sound. Nice work.

And we'd like you to be among the first to to try Next SoundCloud. Next is a simple, faster, more social SoundCloud, currently only available in private beta. With powerful sound consumption and curation features, it will help you build even more engaged audiences around your sounds, seamlessly. So if one of your sounds hits 1000 plays within the next 5 weeks, we're going to fast-track you to Next SoundCloud - along with all of your followers.

I simply was not expecting this kind of reception from everybody Once again, thank you so much. I honestly can't believe people actually listening to my music
also new tracks will be coming out soon
Old 2012-10-14, 03:26
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onemadmanc onemadmanc is offline
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Very good Paul , i like your vocals keep up the good work
Old 2012-10-14, 04:35
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lilgeez lilgeez is offline
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You're the man!!! And you make GREAT positive music.. "Be home in time for tea" Keep @ it.. Like everyone says, VERY inspirational. Star quality!! LOVE
Old 2012-10-16, 11:29
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Hiya Paul.

I had a smile on my face listening to this... a great song and really like the fun in the singing - great job!!


Old 2012-10-16, 21:00
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Its a nice and refreshing, I enjoyed listening to them both, they are such joyous and happy tunes!
It's nice to be nice
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