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Hmmmm. 170 bpm average........ I'm not getting close to that so just see mine as a warming up!
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Originally Posted by JiggeryPokery
And remember, blessed are the cheesemakers, and any manufacturers of dairy-based music !
Originally Posted by obroadfield View Post
You're a hero Eric...thank you.
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Hi Adam, sent a couple of tracks to your dropbox on SC
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Nice one guys, thanks for the tunes!
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I've just got in touch with people whose music I've listened to - I couldn't get through it all (I had a lot of submissions!), but I certainly enjoyed listening to most of it and I may have to make this a regular weekly thing
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Sent you "Provenance," artist name "Antitheticism." Hope you enjoy it.
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I just uploaded a new track "Bottom of Purple Lake." It has a steady bass line and quick tempo, but not too quick- I think it would be a perfect soundtrack for running. I haven't played it for anyone yet- let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

*When I uploaded track to soundcloud, it automatically loaded onto My Soundcloud page (which I never really use)- I hope it's available as a download to you.
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I gave you a rock/metal song, since I know you dig that (and agressive music is nice while working out)
Did someone already made the Kessel Run with less than twelve Parsecs?

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