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Old 2012-10-13, 15:13
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nice utility. It's part of my default template.

Because the level indicator is a little bit lazy, I want to suggest a peak level indicator like in the master section. I would help to level out CV values.

Old 2012-10-14, 09:04
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Originally Posted by zvork View Post
Here's a new tutorial that might give you a more specific example of what you can do with a Volt CB-1:

Hope it sheds some light.
I dont know. There's something that im not catching on too. Im might just have to wait out longer to see what people can do with it. I really want to buy it because because its cheap and I love anything that has to do with cv. But I really can't find a use for this device. Im not gone give up though.
Old 2012-10-14, 19:56
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Here's the way I recently used it.

I had some lyrics going and some parts of the bassline were conflicting with it on the higher frequencies. So I set up a side chain using the mclass compressor and connect the gain reduction cv to the ZVORK then amplified what it was doing ( note you can even reverse it ) then sent that signal to a uhbik-Q set up on my bassline and some drum parts to lower the gain in the frequency range of my vocals. class.
Old 2012-10-14, 21:54
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If you connect an LFO to the first input and an inverted version into the second, and set the mode to maximum, you get a rectified version of the LFO. It is pretty cool for creating new LFO waveforms.
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