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Remote SDK & Lemur

Anyone out there using the Remote SDK to create Lemur Remote Maps and Lua Codecs. What is the learning curve like? I have hit the wall by just looking at other Remote maps and Lua Codecs.
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Its not that heavy, simply read through that site:

--bit late that answer

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Originally Posted by Masl View Post
Its not that heavy, simply read through that site:

--bit late that answer

Thanks for providing it anyway... have been looking all over for it.
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Then you are probably also interested in these:

The main page for the Remote technology:

Discovering Reason, part 33 - Control Remote:
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I have the SDK, and its really not that heavy. Im no dev, but im also not afraid of library folders.

At the core, you should need to know very little lua to get a working codec up and running, but there is alot in there if you want to go deep. With Lemur, i think you can get really deep with dynamic two way stuff.
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