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View Poll Results: Should developers be able to rent out Rack Extensions?
Yes 23 48.94%
No 24 51.06%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-10-16, 18:44
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Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
First, this poll carries the implict assumption that developers are NOT allowed to rent their own software. Any software company, whether they're creating REs or not, have the complete freedom to sell their apps outright, rent them, swap them for other apps or trade them for fruit and vegetables, given them away for free or any other form of physical, financial or morally rewarding return.
Sorry, I suppose I requoted myself incorrectly. The word I use in the thread topic is "able" and currently, they are in fact not able to rent their REs.

Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
The fact that very very few developers choose rental as a system means that they have been unable to come up with a system that benefits their business.*
I suppose this is where I feel the Propellerhead RE shop comes in very handy. No other popular DAW (or none that I know of), has incorporated its own plugin format with a store that is unique and exclusive to itself (not to mention the license protection that works very well).

Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
Secondly, your poll is all personal view. You can't start a poll based on your personal view and then ask others to contribute impersonally.
I have appreciated your points of view. You weren't who I was referring to when I said, "many" of those who have responded. It's clear that some others have responded without even reading.

Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
I've offered the business side of things: not only does renting this cheap software devalue their brand and increase complexity of accounting in a niche market, it doesn't fix your core problem: collaborating with another musician who has REs you don't.
I feel it does offer to fix the problem. I would never ask developers for the opportunity to trial their RE again for FREE. This is where I agree with most everyone else that the 30 day trial in place is great, but then there is a niche to be filled where folks want to try REs again (sometimes to collaborate, other times to compare—for instance when a different 1176 is released by a different developer). I don't think it would lessen the value. I've never felt that way about anything I've rented in my life. If it's worth a price tag to "borrow," it says to me that it has greater value.

Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
Your poll should have been "Is there a demand among Reason users to rent REs for an extra 30 day period if the fee was about 15% of the retail price?
That would be a good poll to follow, but I wanted to see if I could get folks to express their un-bias opinions on the logistics side of things, before voicing their personal preference opinions.

Originally Posted by Drulian View Post
Very few businesses see value in renting something that costs the price of a date.
Unless of course, it's extra money in their pockets that otherwise wouldn't be there. Again, my view is this—there is a niche for folks who want more trial time for REs—charge them for it! =) It's very hard to compare the proprietary store that is the RE shop to many other things. Except, if you think of the Apple App Store. There are games that charge users for purchases within the game (like buying new characters, weapons, etc). Folks might ask, "Who would buy the stuff in the game?" Maybe not many? But it's not hard to implement that extra avenue for revenue, so why not have the option, right?

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