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Old 2012-10-16, 20:08
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Originally Posted by TheodoreM View Post
1) Pro tools ALWAYS offered a way to manually nudge to the SAMPLE and keep everything in absolutely sample accurate sync and reported the EXACT latency the plugin(s) introduced, as well as a workaround for many years before pdc to do this semi automatically with the inexpensive mellowmuse time adjuster plugins

2) Incorrect. A fews RE's have latency that is not automatically compensated. Please do not spread such inaccurate info!


1) Yes I know... it was a very cumbersome task and a lot of people wouldn't do it manually unless they absolutely HAD too! Of course you could do the same in Reason 6.0+

2) Yes and No, perhaps I didn't explain my statement as well as I should. For that I apologize. I'll clarify without running the risk of getting into trouble. The RE's have a mechanism for handling latency(this is what I meant to say) however you are correct that some devices introduce delay. But then again in some of those devices it is quite normal. I have an eventide hardware harmonizer and that introduces latency just like Polar does. This is why in DSP programming there are 2 types of latency...

1. Processing
2. Effected

Processing is the latency that is introduced by code not keeping up with the current sample streaming rate of the host. The RE SDK introduces API calls to deal with this.

Effected, are things like Neptune and polar that unavoidably introduce latency. For example a live harmonizer has no idea what you might play next on your guitar so it process bits of audio as close to the timing source as possible but it is never at 0. If you or anyone else comes up with a way to do that live then you have found away to bend Math and Physics at your will

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