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Originally Posted by hnelson View Post
several of us had issues with firefox not recognizing the necessary file. internet explorer did the trick for me and i saw that chrome was working for others.
I had the same problem with the USB Dongle and the Reason balance Interface not getting recognized.

Maybe that will help you guys.

first locate the code meter aplication in your aplication folder
Sart it
connect your usb key or the Balance interface.
look on the Fromware virsion that is installed
on mine it was 1.8 something.
click the firmwareupdate search button.
than do the firmware update if recomennted.Do not disconnect during the update the USB connection!!!!!
after that you will be able to put your RE licenses on the stick and balance as well it will be recognized on the wepage again.
the old firmware seems not to be recognized by the Authorizer 2.0 that will be installed with the reason 6.5 start.
I hope that will help you.
I be using a Mac osx Intel snow leopard systhen on two different machines and it solved my problems.
have fun namastÈ MorettisanOne
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Have the same problem. Thought first that it might be a problem with the firewall. But wasnt. If someone have a solution for this problem - I need to know it too.
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hmmm is this a website overload or a bug in the program. Iv been trying for a couple of days now and still no joy. I tried directly through web site, then tried opening reason and authorising via the program. Also updated code meter !

It had to happen one day, the props are human after all !! Although they could have posted some info up on the site, even it was to say sorry were having problems.
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I have had success by simply using MS Explorer to log on to the Propellerhead website. My ignition key was finally recognised. Very grateful to have a free upgrade but sent me mad as a box of frogs to be so close but so far for a couple of days!
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so what did you do to make it work ?
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No connection to license server. Please check your Internet connection and try again

Solution that worked for me:

Updated to: CodeMeter x64 v4.50b
Download from here:
Run and enter your CodeMeter Control Centre and click the refresh icon arrow next to Version: CmStick *.**
> updated to CmStick 2.00

Hope this helps..

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