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CS-80 power


I made a short soundtrack using Thor's to simulate two Yamaha CS-80 sounds and one Roland VP-330 sound.

Thor has alot of power!

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As RaymondH might say - Vangelis want their keyboards back! - very nice sounds, really reminds me of Chariots of Fire type sounds and I love that album sooo much. Nice one.
Zac Scott
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Synth Rock
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I have seen Blade Runner many times. I had a flashback with in seconds of listening. Very nice.
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While I hear the Vangelis thing, Wendy Carlos is my gold standard for synth sound. I think she would be pleased. I would have loved to hear that reverb trail all the way out, too.
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You nailed the soul of the CS-80! I absolutely LOVE your track. Brilliant job. Major kudos to you.

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Thumbs up

Makes me think of my first synth! CS50
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really impressive.
Did someone already made the Kessel Run with less than twelve Parsecs?

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Wow I totally loved it! Blade Runner all the way!
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Love it. If I close my eyes. I see myself drifting through space, amongst a sea of thousands destroyed spaceships.
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Originally Posted by tincture View Post
As RaymondH might say - Vangelis want their keyboards back! - very nice sounds, really reminds me of Chariots of Fire type sounds and I love that album sooo much. Nice one.
Ha ha thanks Zac! Yes indeed!

I must admit - I stole that saying from Carl Grace who commented on some orchestra hits I used in a track!

I really liked this, nicely done - especially the bright brassy bits. A good reminder on just how versatile Thor is. Kudos!


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