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New music and melodies:

Billy M.
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Billy! Been wonderin' where you went. Long time no.... hear from. This one is pretty jazzy. You got the rock drums going, although on a loop, still groovy. Great chord changes. Interesting instruments doing their thing here and there, cool panning tricks to keep the listener entertained. Crazy shit in the 9-10 minute area! To be honest it got a little boring in the last half but I know you have fun when you write and play. All in all pretty cool for a hit record and jam session.
I think you're getting better musically. Like I always say, music can jam on for a while or be structured and catchy.. All up to the artist.
By the way, great work on the organ. That's my favorite part. Very Doors-y
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I really like the soft keyboard sound and bass counterpoint at 14.20.
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Thanks Beerski and Scoobyman. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.
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