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Old 2012-10-18, 02:51
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earwigisbent earwigisbent is offline
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It is happening again but it is October 18th now. what to do?

Just wanted to update predator to 1.02 but authorizer says "no connection to internet" but I am clearly connected writing this message.

Also, all the other licenses should not get sabotaged by updating one RE but that is exactly what happens every time. NO RE's now just because I tried to update one?

As someone who supports your company by buying everything; balance, reason/record and 6.5 and over 20+ RE's I am feeling a little jilted by the constant updating license server issues props have been having.

Old 2012-10-18, 09:49
n0ahg n0ahg is offline
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Agreed, the combined license for REs is a stupid idea. CodeMeter can hold 1000s of license keys so there is no need to do this!
Old 2012-10-20, 12:35
afcastro afcastro is offline
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support doesn't respond to emails

3 days gone by, everything is the same, support doesn't respond to emails.
This is becoming the worst support I have ever seen ever.

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