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Best thing about FL's Piano Roll:
(I would love to see these in Reason)

-Left Click = Draw Clips/Notes
-Right Click = Delete Clips/Notes

-Bigger grids and midi notes.

-Tools like, Strum, Claw, Quantize, and DEFINITELY CHOP.

-If you click a selected note that is a 1/4 note. . .every note you draw until you select another will be a 1/4 note (easy for drums and hi-hats) This feature applies to the clips (sequencing) as well. You can hold and drag and it will draw as many clips as your heart desires.

- When you want to extend a clip/note, instead of having to select a new tool, you should be able to go to either side of the clip/note and the cursor should change into the "<->" cursor for collapsing and extending on a normal PC/application. If you don't understand look at the cursor when you are resizing a window by its corner.

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