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Live Performance Looping

I have searched quite a bit to see if anyone has a good or efficient way of using Reason with a setup to do live performance looping with a foot pedal. I'm sure there is a roundabout way of doing this and I just have'nt come across it yet. There are a lot of hardware choices on the market for this type of performance especially for guitar but I love Reason and it would be great if there were an easy way to do this.
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Do you mean something like what a Roland Loop Station does? It's an interesting question and one that probably has many answers. How free can your hands be to record enable tracks etc? I did a short noise music demonstration a few years back using a looping system in the sequencer window. I modulated a bunch of pre-made combined synths and dubbed them into separate audio tracks live, then turned off the output of the modulating synths and played back loops of what I had just recorded. I'll be honest, It worked but I don't think that I impressed the audience as much as I thought It might! I used an external controller and mixer to deal with independent levels all the loops and once I had all of the pieces that I set out to sample, it was a matter of performing with volume and send automation via my controller and mixer. Not sure if that helps and my hands were definitely too full to be holding a guitar!

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