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I may be the only one to think like this, but you don't need more tutorials! You need to make music as much as you can.
I can't even synthesize a sine wave
This line stands out for me.

You don't synthesize a sine wave. A sine wave is one of the most basic wave-forms that most oscillators can produce. Loading up the init patch on Thor and just switching the 4 basic wave-forms on the Analog OSC would teach you that. Just by using the program and trying around. (Or page 577 of the manual).

Pretty much all you are asking for is about the most basic things, you will learn best by yourself. Or are you seriously trying to tell me, that after 7 years of being a registered users, you don't know anything about the stuff you requested - The basics, the synth's, EQ's, Compressors, Routing, Mixing, Midi, Automation? Never touched the manual? Never tried to listen what each piece those? Never right-clicked a parameter to automate it, to draw some stuff in to listen what it sounds like? Hard to imagine.

I know how I must be sounding to you and I apologize if I you feel offended. But there is just so much already out there, (manual again or Propellerheads YouTube channel) to get any sense in your request. Every video would show you a good amount of information, on or off topic. If some tutorial is about a certain topic, but he does a specific thing also to accomplish something, you will notice that, right?

Most important is about how you learn, not on reading "the best top 10 ways to..." whatever, what an EQ does. EQ, frequency, gain, Q, done. There it is. Select your frequency, boost or cut it, choose how wide or narrow you want to cut or boost. That's as basic as it can get and this is a common thing, not Reason related, but it helps you to understand various, different tools of the same kind. Nothing hard about it. So what's the deal, really?
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