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View Poll Results: Do you want compressed audio import/export on Reason?
I wan't MP3 export 16 33.33%
I wan't MP3 import 3 6.25%
I wan't FLAC export 2 4.17%
I wan't FLAC import 0 0%
I wan't the Full Monty: all the above, and more 16 33.33%
No! Compression defiles Reason 11 22.92%
Voters: 48. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-10-25, 11:19
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Originally Posted by fizbin View Post
Honestly, converting a wav to an mp3 or flac outside of Reason is such an easy, simple, fast operation that it baffles me why we sweat over this.
What baffles me is why people sweats for Reason not to have MP3 features... how much simpler can it be than ignoring the feature?

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
There were (are?) patent issues with mp3s, so to actually have Reason handle them internally might require licensing fees for every copy, and I honestly don't think it's worth it to pay for that when we have a million easy ways to convert audio files.
I agree on that, the patent status seems unclear (as I stated from the beginning). Having to pay fees (which is not clear if it is a must or not, and seems would only had to be enforced on some countries) might make this feature be put aside by the Props.

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
It might be alright though to allow export to external compressors like LAME or FLAC, but to make it very easy to use they'd have to code specific interfaces for each program, and again, it's probably not really worth it.
Yeah, I agree, it would be a messy solution.

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
Do people really want to export their songs from Reason *only* in a format using lossy compression?
"*only*" ? What do you mean? no one is wanting to remove wav and aiff export

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
I wouldn't recommend mp3 import of any kind though. You can convert and import if you want, but if someone gives you an mp3 and wants you to use it to *start* working on a track, even if you have to tell them 200 times it's not acceptable you should do it until they give you a reasonable version.
So, that's how you convince such people? "Hey, you have to give me a WAV because Reason does not import MP3!". Do they never reply that there are lots of software that can easily convert from MP3 to WAV? They might even tell you about drag-n-drop features... ;-)

Originally Posted by gwynebiau View Post
I guess that's another possible downside to mp3 output directly from Reason. It might encourage people to just export mp3s and leave anyone further down the line who has to work with the song stuck trying to explain what an uncompressed 24 bit audio file is and why they need it instead of an mp3...
Who is this huge crowd that stubbornly insists on sending MP3 files? I wouldn't deal with someone who dares to save music on such unacceptable formats... I think there should also be a world ban on MP3 converters because someone may unacceptably convert to MP3 a perfectly acceptable WAV...

That's a kind of censorship, removing others freedom. Acceptability depends on the point of view... Speeking about freedom, the poll (although badly born) speaks for itself.

When CDs came out I thought the format kind of "unacceptable": terrible sound-quality (quantization, jitter, aliasing,...), vinyls were so much warmer; I also loved much better the big covers of vinyl, the tiny CD cases lost most of the art; handling the vinyl was also a more tactile experience, a kind of ritual.

Yet, never crossed my mind that the new format should be banned.
Bothered me when I was forced to convert because records were no longer being edited on vinyl, but I dint't thought the solution would be a crusade against CDs. Nowadays, not only progress has taken care of making CD playing sound about as good as vinyl (equally-priced playing hardware), but also is starting a similar revolution: from CDs to MP3.

Are there sound quality issues? on some conditions, but they can be overcome, to the point of being non-audible.

Some of you guys out there think not? Always lower quality? You want to play the purist, zealot game? Fine, so let's drop CDs, cause they quantize to 16 bits and only sample at 44.1khz. Everyone who refuse MP3 handling on Reason should make right now the vow of never, ever, accepting to record on CD. Maybe compromise with an SA-CD... (16-bit 44.1khz wavs are also forbidden of course, and to "encourage" higher standards, Props should only allow recording on 24-bit 96kHz... maybe not enough, let's make it 192kHz)

But hey, even so, you will gain purgatory. To gain heaven you must have never recorded on anything else than vinyl (tape recorders allowed, if the tape is wide enough and the brand is vintage-trendy). Hey! There's an heretic digital-to-analog converter over there. Let's get rid of it, use only analog stuff... ooops, there goes Reason...

I've seen those "purist" trends many times. I've been there, done that, grown wiser.

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